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google news approved । how to get website google news approved - S Bangla News
January 30, 2023, 7:30 am

google news approved । how to get website google news approved

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Tips And Trick 

Index unlimited website posts with a Google News detailed post in just 2 minutes.


 Hello sbanglanews.com bro how are you all hope you all are well after a long time here I come with a new one today I will discuss with you the topic that is how to index multiple websites with a google news very fast post about this topic is very important  There is an article that I will share with you who are blogging and working on the website, they can check it if they want.


 At present, many people are interested in blogging, so one of the biggest problems is the post index problem for the newbies, the solution of which many people may not know or many people may be doing these solutions through money.


 If your google news gets approved but you can easily get your posts indexed in google very fast with one google news maximum you can use one website but what I will share with you here is multiple websites with one google news but you can use  You can, but it is not possible to use multiple websites at the same time, you can use one by one.


What is Google News?


 I hope all those who are in the blogging line know that Google News is basically another platform of Google where we see a lot of information related to news so you can say it directly like google because if it is approved on your website but with posting  Also we can see it in Google even though it is not in the main index but still you can get traffic from here and if you have news approval you can see your post in Google after two to five minutes of your new post.


 You can upload multiple google news with one email id without any problem.


 How do you use a Google News for multiple websites? First of all you need a Google News Approve, that is, any website needs a News Approve, then you can use it on other websites very easily, which I do myself. You can see the screenshot below.  News is under approval.


These are the domains I approved long ago and the main domain with which I approved Google News but these domains are no longer here because I removed them and added a new domain.  It takes five to seven days to approve a new google news, many times it is rejected, but the new website post is just 5 minutes through the things I use, but it is possible to show it on Google, or almost impossible without Google News.


 First of all we need a google news and the next tasks I will try to show below through screenshots, look at the screenshots well, hope you can understand very well and if there is any problem to understand, you can tell us your opinion through comments.


 First enter your Google News and go to Publication Settings as shown in the above screenshot.


 If you can see like this, you will give the link of your new website where you gave the link of the website before.


One more thing in this email you must have the search console verification of the website you want to add here, if not then do it beforehand.  And when you change the link from Google News, you can see an option named ‘search console verification’ will appear and as soon as you click on it, it will be verified.


 After that you can see the save option in the upper corner and click on it.


 So our work here is 1.  Change link 2.  Search Console 3.  Click save.


 After that you will also do the work that we have to do as shown below.


 Go to the Google news option and click on Edit. After that we have some other tasks through which we can completely add our new website here.


After that content settings will come here as shown in the above screenshot, you have to add new feed, remove the previous feeds and then give the new website’s feed here.  I usually use 3 feeds on WordPress website.


  1. siteurl/rss


  1. siteurl/feed


  1. siteurl/feed/atom


 If you are a blogger then you can check trickbd or youtube about how to create blogger feed.


 In this way, you can index a website post and add a new website later. I basically do it this way because I create about two to three websites per month and sell websites every month.  Add my new websites again like this when creating.


 So after our work is done and adding the new feed, you will save and click the refresh option that is here repeatedly and reload this page again and again, then your content will come here within 30 seconds to 1 minute.


 Hope there will be no problem to understand then if there is any problem to understand then you can tell one thing through comment please see my post don’t sell trick


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